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Investing in Biomedical Advances that Save Lives

Wistar’s global reputation and impact reflect a unique combination of strengths: a nimble organization that values collaboration above competition, where impact prevails over bureaucracy.

A once-in-a-century pandemic has shown the world that scientific freedom, agility and cooperation can rechart the course of human health when given ample capacity and investment. Our bold action now will propel long-lasting improvements to health and the life sciences through our biomedical research and educational initiative.

The Bold Science // Global Impact Campaign for Wistar will enable a transformative investment in the Institute’s history across three strategic and urgent areas:

“With Wistar science we can fulfill both a dream and a promise. Where discovery solves big problems, knowledge improves lives and innovation creates new futures. This is our moment.”

Dario C. Altieri
President and CEO, The Wistar Institute

BOLD Action to Expand

Our Impact on Human Health

BOLD Action to Expand our Impact on Human Health

Rooted in The Wistar Institute’s strategic plan, the Bold Science // Global Impact Campaign for Wistar will bolster our three foundational pillars – Biomedical Research, Education & Training, and Collaboration & Partnerships – and propel forward key new initiatives for the betterment of global health and wellness. It is our uncompromising dedication to these three pillars of strength that guides this bold quest for transformative investments and visionary donors.

Biomedical Research

With Bold Science // Global Impact Campaign support, we will:

  • Expand and ensure evergreen scientific talent.
  • Ensure access to the most advanced technologies and research capabilities.
  • Sustain and advance our focus on cancer, immunology and infectious diseases to develop the medicines of tomorrow, new life-saving vaccines and next-generation immunotherapeutics.

Education and Training

With Bold Science // Global Impact Campaign support, we will:

  • Secure sustainable funding for Wistar’s core education and workforce development programs.
  • Expand the continuum of Wistar educational programs to create a diverse, inclusive life sciences talent pipeline.

Collaboration and Partnerships

With Bold Science // Global Impact Campaign support, we will:

  • Broaden Wistar connections to clinicians, patients and specimens.
  • Leverage internal award mechanisms and expand the Wistar Science Discovery Fund endowment to advance and accelerate Wistar discoveries into clinical trials with external partners.
Ronald L. Caplan
Chair, Bold Science // Global Impact Committee
Dario C. Altieri, M.D.
President & CEO, The Wistar Institute
Campaign Committee Members
  • Ira Brind
  • Susan B. Dillon, Ph.D.
  • Joseph A. Goldblum
  • Richard M. Horowitz
  • Helen P. Pudlin, Esq.
  • Adele K. Schaeffer
The Bold Science // Global Impact Campaign Overview